Top Gear Ceramic Glass protector
Top Gear Ceramic Glass protector
Glass protector

Designed specifically for glass, Top Gear Ceramic Glass Protector is easy to apply, gives a self-cleaning effect and 100% resistance to chemistry and UV

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Top Gear Ceramic Glass protector  is a specially developed formula for protecting glass from external stimuli. Contains substances that give the surface a super hydrophobic effect, 100% resistance to ultraviolet and chemical substances, as well as a self-cleaning effect. This coating will last up to six months on the windows of the car and up to three years on the windows of buildings.Является долговременным гидрофобным покрытием для стёкол;

  • Long-term hydrophobic coating for glass
  • Service life on car glass 6 MONTHS;
  • Service life on the windows of buildings – up to 3 years;
  • Superhydrophobic effect;
  • Self-cleaning effect;
  • 100% UV and chemical resistance

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