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Each driver wants, that after long use of the car it looked as well, as from salon. Unfortunately, over time, the paint begins to fade, small chips and scratches appear, the interior becomes weaker, as does the cost of the car.

How to deal with this? Just use the Top Gear Ceramic nanoceramic coating that can protect your car from external and internal damages with maintaining the original appearance and condition of the car! Our coatings have a special formula, differing from all competitors:

1 Molecular level

Any Top Gear Ceramic product protects your car at a molecular level, forming a thin and durable transparent shell. It is invisible and highlights the beauty of the car

2 Persistence and protection

After use, the coating can protect the car from chips, scratches, corrosion and road reagents that can get caught on the road

3 Unsurpassed brilliance

After covering your car's body with our product, you will get not only the best protection, but also an exhibition mirror shine that will be visible to anyone

4 100% Resistance

In addition to gross physical damage, Top Gear Ceramic products protect the car from ultraviolet radiation and chemicals

5 Lacquer coating level up to 9H

Thanks to its formula, our ceramic coating increases the durability of the paint coating up to 9H, protecting the original appearance from any threats

6 Special protection

Additional properties of our nanoceramics are in the effects of anti-graffiti, anti-ice and anti-rain, which will protect the car cover by 100%

Top Gear Ceramic
Top gear ceramic BLACK DIAMOND Your Black Gold

Premium protection, developed by professionals in their field. After covering, your car will be unsurpassed, like a real diamond: the same bright and shiny, yet strong and protected from any impacts

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TextileViper 9H
Top gear ceramic VIPER 9H Beauty of a snake

Coverage created for sports and exhibition cars of premium class, where super saturation and color depth are mandatory

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Black DiamondProfessional 9H
Top gear ceramic PROFESSIONAL 9H For real professionals

Long-term nano-protection for car's body, discs, rubber, plastic parts, leather goods, automobile headlights, multi-surfaces

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Viper 9HStandart 9H
Top gear ceramic STANDARD 9H Universal quality

A coating developed for independent use by both usual motorists and by professionals in their field

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Professional 9HPro Glide
Top gear ceramic PRO GLIDE Better gliding

Long-term hydrophobic coating repelling any external stimuli at any speed and under any conditions

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Standart 9HGlass Protector
Top gear ceramic GLASS PROTECTOR Defend the most fragile

Designed specifically for glass, Top Gear Ceramic Glass Protector is easy to apply, gives a self-cleaning effect and 100% resistance to chemistry and UV

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Pro GlideLeather
Top gear ceramic LEATHER Leather Rebel

If you want to protect the leather upholstery of your car, give it the self-cleaning effect, maximize the resistance to external stimuli, then this coating is for you!

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Glass ProtectorTextile
Top gear ceramic TEXTILE Textile perfection

Textiles and fabrics will not wear out in the long term if you cover them with this coating

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Why should you use Top Gear Ceramic?
Technology Compliance

The production of high-quality ceramic coating is possible only under the condition of observing a unique formula that was developed by our best specialists

Maximum protection

Top Gear Nanoceramics protects against chips, scratches, dullness of colors, scuffs, chemistry, ultraviolet, gives a water-repellent effect and shine for a long time

We're using full-size materials

Our products have a concentrated look, allowing you to perform all your basic functions as efficiently as possible; In one bottle you get a quality kit for protection

Professional selection

Top Gear Ceramic is used not only by ordinary motorists, but by professionals and auto repair shops, because it combines high quality and excellent price

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