Top Gear Ceramic Black Diamond
Top Gear Ceramic Black Diamond
Black Diamond

Premium protection, developed by professionals in their field. After covering, your car will be unsurpassed, like a real diamond: the same bright and shiny, yet strong and protected from any impacts

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Top Gear Ceramic Black Diamond  is the best innovation the only one on the market, long-term super-modern Nano protective coating for professional use for the body of the car, with a hardness of 10N. Car disks, rubber, plastic parts, leather goods, automobile headlights, multi-surfaces. For the sides of air and sea transport. Uniqueness of the product is provided by its composition based on nano particles of black diamond, in each bottle the Black Diamond nanoceramics were introduced up to several carats of black diamond! This is due to its high cost and high performance.


  • Increased resistance to chips and scratches;
  • Superhydrophobic effect;
  • Refreshes the color and gives shine;
  • The property is anti graffiti, anti-ice, anti rain;
  • 100% resistance to ultraviolet and chemicals;
  • Protection against corrosion, from 10 years;
  • Coating service life from 3 to 5 years


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