Top Gear Ceramic Standard 9H
Top Gear Ceramic Standard 9H
Standard 9H

A coating developed for independent use by both usual motorists and by professionals in their field

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It is a long-term Nano protective coating, developed with the possibility of self-application by motorists and professionals.

The unique formula of the product gives Top Gear Ceramic Standard 9H properties that allow it to be used on its own. A unique, indispensable product for the pre-sale preparation of the car, as it will suit you if you want to refresh the color and shine the new car. Possessing all the qualities of an expensive nano ceramic coating Top Gear Ceramic Standard 9H, allows you to independently prepare the car body for the autumn winter period. Suitable for car body, car headlights.


  • Increased resistance to chips and scratches;
  • Superhydrophobic effect;
  • Refreshes the color and gives shine;
  • The property is anti graffiti, anti-ice, anti rain;
  • 100% resistance to ultraviolet and chemicals;
  • Corrosion protection;
  • Service life from 1 to 2 years.

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