Top Gear Ceramic Viper 9H
Top Gear Ceramic Viper 9H
Viper 9H

Coverage created for sports and exhibition cars of premium class, where super saturation and color depth are mandatory

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Top Gear Ceramic Viper 9H is a long-term Nano protective coating SPECIALLY Designed for sports cars, exhibition machines, premium cars in which you need super saturation and color depth, quality protection from holograms and scratches. For professional use for the body of a car. Car disks, rubber, plastic parts, leather goods, automobile headlights, multi-surfaces. For the sides of air and sea transport too.

  • Service life from 2 to 3 years;
  • Increases resistance to chips and scratches;
  • Superhydrophobic effect;
  • Refreshes colors and gives shine;
  • Gives you anti-graffiti, anti-ice and anti-rain effects;
  • 100% UV and chemical resistance;
  • Corrosion protection for 5 years

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